Mystical Forest

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Mystical Forest is a nature-themed slot from Indigo Magic, played across five reels and five rows.

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Mystical Forest Game Overview

This slot has medium volatility with 30 paylines.

Stakes range from £0.30 up to £4.50 on New Online Slots casino, and you could potentially win up to 11,000x your wager in this slot game.


At least three matching symbols must appear on the reels, aligned from left to right on a payline, to award you a win. However, the human character symbol is an exception. It can grant a payout for a two-of-a-kind combination. 

There are four broad groups of potential winning symbols in this UK slots game. They include:

  • Card faces (A, K, Q, and J); Landing 5 matching  A or K symbols can pay out up to 4x your wager, while Q or J symbols will award you 3x your stake for a five-of-a-kind match, respectively.
  • Plant symbols (mushrooms and acorns); are worth up to 5x your wager if you land five matching symbols on a payline. Three identical plant symbols can reward you with 1x your stake, while a four-of-a-kind combination will fetch you 2.5x your stake.
  • Animal symbols (Boar, Bear, and Wolf); Boar symbols can pay out 1.3x - 8.3x your wager if you land three or five identical symbols, while the Bears can earn you 1.1x - 16.6x your bet if you land three or five symbols on a payline.
  • Human character symbol; This is the symbol with the highest worth. You can earn up to 83.3x your wager if you land five matching ones on a payline, respectively.

Wilds can replace any symbol except for the scatter. 

The Free Spins Bonus Feature

You will unlock the bonus game if you land seven or more scatters. When this happens, golden frames will appear on the reels.

The quantity of frames you get depends on the number of scatters you land. For example, landing ten scatter symbols will earn you ten golden frames, while eight scatter symbols will give you eight.

 After each spin, a golden frame disappears from any position, but if you land a scatter, you get an extra gold frame. The bonus game will go on for as long as gold frames are visible on the reels.

Symbols that land in the golden frames during the free spins get collected. You get a payout if you amass up to five matching symbols. Besides that, your bonus multiplier gets increased by 1. 

Meanwhile, if a scatter lands within a golden frame, the frame will get upgraded, and every symbol that lands within it will count as two.

Mystical Forest RTP

Return To Player (RTP): 96%

The RTP is a theoretical value and is shown as a percentage. It’s used to describe the percentage of money wagered a particular casino game may pay back to players over a certain period of time.

For example, if a game had a RTP of 92%, in theory, this would mean that for every £100 wagered, the game could return £92 back to players in potential winnings. However, it is important to note that winnings are completely random, and players are not guaranteed to receive this.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.